Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fantastic videos of T20 WC

Check these fantastic videos of the Indian Journey of T20 WC.....just follow the link ( copy paste on your browser )

1) Yuvraj 6 sixes in one over india vs england 20/20 world cup. world record for maximum 6's in an over (20/20 international)

2)Brief highlights of Yuvraj spanking the hopeless Aussies for a quickfire 70 runs off 30 balls in the Twenty20 semi final for India.

3) 10 key moments from T20 World Cup

4) Chris Gayle smashes a world record 1st and fastest century T20 20-20 World Cup for West Indies v South Africa on 11/9/07 He scores Chris Gayle smashes a world record 1st and fastest century T20 20-20 World Cup for West Indies v South Africa on 11/9/07.He scores 117 off only 57 balls!

5)An action packed T20 world cup match between India and Pakistan ended in a Tie and staged second bowl out in game's history.

6) Last over of IND-PAK final of T20 WC

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lovely poem.........On Dhoni

Hi, to all cricket lovers. My friend Lav has written a beautiful poem on Dhoni.......just check it out.

A boy from Jharkhand dreamt… dreamt BIG. Really BIG indeed
Critics said “you need stars to zeal off, you need heroes to peel off “
But he had some other ideas…
When his team was down on 157 & he came back to the battlefield he knew although we couldn’t deliver big, but they also have to reach till there… And it laid a foundation to THE PILLAR, THE PILLAR of BELIEF, ATTITUDE & VICTORY.
Yes he was Mahendra Singh Dhoni; INDIAN CAPTAIN who took INDIA through the galleries of ups n downs, the cut-throats, & nerves shakers to the GLORY “The Champs of T20”.
Do you always need a curriculum to start off anything…? Do you always need some rules to be followed…? Do you always need codes to be tested for…?
Why can’t it should be something of your own… Why can’t it be…??
Humiliated in school, dejected by situations, fled away by the masses… n Rejected always in lieu to succeed…
Go on…guys…Make your own rules… follow your dreams… create that belongs to you…
N live it up your own shot… as the star should never sprout off… never strut off … The ways will might be orthodox. The styles may be unusual…but monitor it, nourish it… n yes .GO FOR IT…..
You’ll be ACCEPTED…You’ll definitely be…

--by Lav Chawla

Hurray......We Won!

Hi, I am writing this article after 2 days after the completion of IND-PAK T20 WC final. I have purposely waited for 2 days to write this article, just to get the reactions from all quarters. Praiseing is showering on Indian Team from all parts of the world. But there are some dissapointed fans of Pakistan Team who could'nt digest this loss and get indulge in blame game ( there is cricket community in orkut.com, and this is going on there). Well these are only emotions that are errupting in this form, we cant really blame them.
Well India went to the WC as underdogs with experience of only one match. No one was expecting India to achive this feat.But India has done this in a style that to by deafeting some of the best team in the world. Kapil has rightly said , now expectations are high from this team. If we could win upcoming series against Australia and Pakistan, then that will be cherry on the cake.
Now Dhoni is going to captain Indian team in the slightly longer version of the game and that to with all the seniors around. Dhoni has got every abillity to emerged as a great captain, what he need is support from the team specilly from seniors.It is really interesting to see how seniors gonna behave under Dhoni? It is really interesting to see how Dhoni gonna control seniors?

There is chance of winning a game after playing really bad, but their is no chance if the atmosphere is bad in dressing room......................I wish this never gonna happen.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Indian ODI new captain: Dhoni

After taking the charge of T20 world cup, Dhoni was the front runner for the bigger seat.............captainship of the ODI team. Now it is official, he is the captain.
But the big question arises is that, can be a successful captain? Specially in the presence of Big Three ..........Sachin, Saurav and Rahul.In the past Azaruddin has to faced this kind of situation when he was named the captain of a team having 5 former captains.But situation is quit different in Dhoni's case. Dhoni is quit junior to the Big Three with only 80 odd matches under his belt..........while big three has a combined experience of around 1000 matches.One can't deny this fact that there would be EGO problem. Can Dhoni tell to the Ganguly .........go and field at the boundary, when he wants to field at slips? Or can he tell Sachin and Saurav to bat at 5 or 6 when they want to open the innings? I don't know. But what I know is that he has to do it if he thinks so.........then only he can prove himself as a captain.
One more issue I want to discuss is that Yuvraj has got more experience than Dhoni, why Dhoni is preferred over Yuvraj. I guess Yuvraj is more regular member of the ODI team than any other member in the team.Then why Dhoni not Yuvraj.........Can any one give me the answer? Well our selection criteria is always full of surprises, this is just little one of them.
Dhoni has got tough assignment to start with....Aussies and then Pakistan. For me these two teams are the toughest to beat in ODI's. Dhoni is captain for probationary period of two series. He has to show his calibre in three roles........wicket keeper , Batsmen and CAPTAIN. Can he prove himself to the expectations?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

20twenty fever

Hi............I am not a big fan of 20-20 cricket, I never was. But this world cup has created some interest in me.
It all started with thriller with Gayle hitting century. But that was not enough, South Africa manages easy victory..........thanks to the some ordinary bowilng by Windies. This tournament also has some upsets....adding to the excitement. Zimbabwe beating Australia & Bangladesh beating West Indies. Again Ind-Pak match was the match of the tournamant till date. Some how India manages to maintain their world cup's winning habit over Pakistan.
For me man of the touranament till date is Sanath Jayasuriya. Ohhhh he was awesome.He is defying his age. He is proving thats this game is not only for youngs ...........this is may be lesson to our selectors, who thought other way round.
Now india is in super eight with tough opposition to face ........ New Zealand, South Africa and England. India need to work hard on batting.......well 20-20 is bats men game. I can only say..............."Chakk de India"

Monday, September 10, 2007

7th ODI: oops we did it again........

Not again. How many times India gonna do this? India has adopted the habit of failing in crucial games.......i mean finals.Its started from the start.... when Ganguly was trying to get out in every ball he was facing. And evantually he done it. Tendulkar ance again started with great character........and evantually got out to poor some descision.Dravid also got the same fate.Yuvraj and Uthappa only could provide little entertainment. It was Dhoni, who had showen the character of the Indian batsmen.He played real mature innings. The partnership he got with R P Singh was really fantastic.It was heroic effort from him.
Defending a low total, India's only chance was to bowl England out, and RP Singh gave them a great start by dismissing both openers in his first over, Luke Wright mistiming a pull and Prior steering a catch to Dhoni. At 11 for 2 England, briefly, were on the back foot.
Another wicket would really have put the cat among the pigeons, and while Singh and Zaheer Khan gave it their all, there were too many loose balls to exercise the pressure that was needed on the two new batsmen. Once they had shot their bolts, the lack of depth in India's attack was exposed.
Now, 20/20 on the horizon.......with new captain , it will be different ball game.
I hope India could do better in this tournament. ALL THE BEST INDIA.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Beautiful poem by my friend: Lav Chawla...........

Dua ki taaqat jo
Khuda ki rehmat chahe
Bulandi ka who taj Kahe duniyaKi kad hai chota…Par baate kare who badi…
Par mann to bawla
Na mane kisi ki Panchi ki udaan jo dekhiUdunga khule aasman mein main kabhiSulga aag main…
Aarzoo angaare bane
Ladkhadaya kabhi jo…
Maa ne chadar odhi… Har raaste ki woh thokar…Par zid mann mein jo paliDuniya ki ajab kahani
Taqdeer banaye khuda
Sapne kisis ki kabhi kaha sunte…
Jaisa meera magan ho…
Krishna ke liye…Chod duniya ki reet… Chahat yehi ki Duniye bhi rakhe yaad apni hasti Suraj ki har tapishSehta raha… Aaj haasil woh mukaam…Zindagi ko mil gayi tasveerPeeche mudta hun…
Yaad aati hai…
Woh galiyan…
Woh kashti jisse kiya paar..
Aaj muqamal har roshni…

Thursday, September 6, 2007

6th ODI: Tendulkar n Utthappa's show

Sachine has again shown to the world why he is so special. But it was Uthappa (47no), who was brought in at the expense of Dinesh Karthik, hit Stuart Broad for four with three balls remaining to clinch a memorable two-wicket win that keeps the series alive.
The hosts slipped to 137-5 at one stage,but recovered well to post a challenging total of 316-6 after winning the toss - Owais Shah leading the way with his maiden ODI ton. Kevin Pietersen made 53, Luke Wright smashed 50 on debut. Dimitri Mascarenhas five sixes in succession off the last five balls of the innings of the bowling of Yuvraj gave him a instant fame.
Indian openers walk on the field with the purpose. As Sachin started blazing all guns, Saurav played next fiddle to him. They are proving themselves as one of the best opening pairs in the world. Gambhir has played his part, now he ensure his place in the team for a while. It was off day for Yuvraj and Dravid. But, my biggest surprise was Dhoni. Though he scored 35 runs, he was not at his own. He was struggling to put ball away. With 20twenty world cup on the horizon, he has to do something with his batting. Off late he has no big score behind his name.
Bowling was again.....OK. I think India should have played one fast bowler instead of spinner.
Now, momentum is with India. England will feel pressure in the last match, which is virtual final. But, India has a bad history in final.
I hope, India could turn things around this time.From me ALL THE BEST INDIA.

Monday, September 3, 2007

5th ODI : India strikes back.......

That's the way to do it! India came back very strongly after the disappointing performance in the 4th ODI. India manage to do well because of it's batting. It was the top quality performance by the Indian Batsmen. Opening was the main feature of the Indian innings. Sachine and Saurav started the innings with caution and then beautifully pace their innings. They were well supported by the following batsmen. Specially Gambir has made the full utilization of the opportunity he got.
Talking about bowling and fielding.......Well Ganguly was the pic of the bowlers. Rest of them have done reasonably good job.........Mahendra Dhoni was special behind the stumps, but fielding was again below average. India really need to work on it's fielding.
Well..... I hope India will continue to do well in the remaining matches. Best of Luck India.
To watch highlights of the 5th ODI follow the bellow mention weblink.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Again pathetic display by india...........

I am talking about the 4th ODI with England which India lost, after coming to so close to the victory.It has becoming the habit of Indian team now.........loosing close matches.English tail-enders had shown great character to pull the match from the jaws of defeat.
So where the problem is lying.............I guess problem starts from batting itself. Why India is trying so many things in their batting line up? Whenever Indian wicket fall, people must be started guessing. Who is going to come next?Dravid and Dhoni position never certain in the line-up.
Why dhoni is playing like Karthik and Karthik trying to play like Dhoni?...........We started knowing Jaisuriya from the 1996 world cup, where he shook the cricket world with his explosive batting. Now, at the age of 37 he is more or less same. He has never changed his game and this is the secrete of his success.
Then Dhoni is forced to change his game. He likes to play in air. So, why can't he is not batting up the order regularly, while the field restriction are on. Most of his big score came at no. 3 thus he should bat at no. 3 or may be opener.
I think Yuvraj has played really well. He tried to remain their on the crease. He see off the fiery spell of Flintoff and then started accumulating runs.He is matured enough to take seniors position.Tendulkar also showed us ....why he is called as one of the greatest batsman ever. But enough is enough......now other players need take the responsibility....he is only human not a god.
At last talking about fielding......i can only say it is becoming pathetic. With this fielding efforts India could only dream of becoming a top team in the world.
Well bowling was OK, but still killer instinct is missing.India should have wind the match after taking 7 England wickets. But alas!
Well, we can only hope that India could display better performance in the remaining game and still win the series.